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The guide to take your international Japanese relationship to the next level

Everything you need to know to take the next step. From successfully meeting the family with language challenges to tying the knot, and everything in between.

About KonnichiWhat

Konnichiwhat helps non-Japanese people dating Japanese people to better understand the culture and customs of Japan, through direct consultations, videos, blog entries and articles. Our service can help you communicate with your partners family, especially when there are language and cultural differences.

We will help you present your authentic self in a personal and suitable way through coaching, communication templates, cultural insights and translation services.


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Our services

free communication templates

Want to introduce yourself to the Japanese family? Want to communicate an important message? This can be tough when you speak limited Japanese or when you are not living in Japan. Use one of our free templates to structure your message! To make the message truly yours, and clear for the Japanese side, we can help you craft the story, arrange translations, and if needed provide you with phonetics so you can tell your story yourself in Japanese. Using this methodology will allow others to follow along with your story, while allowing you to tell them about yourself in a fun and engaging way! 

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culture consultation

When you are getting ready to tell your story to your  Japanese family, it is important to be aware of cultural differences and customs. We can meet with you, and one of our Japanese consultants can help you navigate this, and optimize your messaging. 

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What our users are saying

Lifesaver when first impressions count!

"My girlfriend is Japanese and I am from India. After dating for a while I was keen to formally introduce myself to her family. This was difficult without speaking Japanese! Konnichiwhat helped me craft a presentation with their templates, and through their culture consult helped me to customize the message. With the provided translation and phonetics, I was able to introduce myself over Zoom in Japanese! Her family loved the effort. Thanks Konnichiwhat for helping me make a great first impression!"



Abi - New York

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