Mochi  Mochi Unisex Hoodie

Mochi Mochi Unisex Hoodie


Ok. Sometimes you just want comfort. But comfort doesn't have to look bad right? Get yourself this very cute Mochi Mochi jumper. Looks great, feels even better. As this is a cotton polyester blend, it will stay pill free and will always look great without ironing. The Mochi Mochi hoodie is made out of the heaviest and warmest fleece, always keeping the cold out.  This hoodie comes with a kangaroo pouch for your hands. The hoodie is unisex and comes in 4 sizes. We promise you, you will wear this one forever.

  • Returns

    Not happy with your Mochi hoodie? Sad to hear, but no problem at all. You can always return it to us and get your money back. 

  • #stopasianhate

    As we are partly Asian owned and operated, we strongly support efforts to end rascism and hate in general, and particular against the Asians. In order to support efforts to achieve this, we will be donating 5% of our revenue to organizations helping this cause.